Mar 7, 2018



Dreams are necessary. Without dreams, there will be no ambition to chase. There will be no goal to reach. Most people have dreams. Big ones or small ones. Even the most successful people had dreams and that is what has made them what they are today. Dreaming is essential for a human being. Without dreams, you will lose interest in life and finally hate to live life. You will be bored and tired of the same monotonous routines of your daily life and will not even find interest in the most exciting things. Only with dreams, will you find a purpose to live your life. You will start working hard towards the dream and will never lose interest in life. You will never tire and always be motivated. This is the best way to become successful.

For me, dreams is important thing in life. I also have my own dream that I want to achieve even though my dream are unforeseen. 

I am a person who is interested in Principle Accounting subject since I was form 4. When SPM result was come out last 2 years, I was proud of myself and feel thankful to god, because I got B+ for my Princple Accounting subject. I also have opportunity to have LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce & Industry) certificate Level 2 due to my achievement in Accounting's subject. So this year, I pursue my studies in Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kota Bharu in Diploma Accounting. I dream to be a professional accountant. Many people said that Accounting course is burdensome. But, I don't care the statement that people said. Because I have read quote by Dov Charney said "Anything we want to do, we can do. If we can dream it, it can be done". After read his quote, I feel spirited to study hard in Accounting and achieve my dream successfully. InsyaAllah :)

Seoul city view from top
Picture source - WeHeartIt

This is view from Namsan Tower at Seoul.
Which is fully with padlock.
Picture source - WeHeartIt

I also dreaming to travel to Seoul, Korea. I start to dream to visit korea since I was Form 1. This is happened because I start addicted to Korean Drama and Korean Pop until now. I saw a lot of interesting places in Korea when I watch popular korean drama's such as The Heirs, Descendents of the Sun and To The Beautiful You. The places look very nice and encourage me to visit there. Futhermore, Cherry Blossom flower which is only available at East Asia including Korea also attracted me to visit there. I really hoping that my dream to travel to south korea can be reality. Not just only a dream. Above are the pictures in South Korea that I search through google. The place is fascinating right ?

Bedroom views that make me feel placid even though
I just see in this picture.

Bedroom goals #1

Bedroom goals #2

Looking at this bedroom make me want to have this kind of bedroom. I dream to have this kind of bedroom not because I not pleased with my bedroom's situation right now. But, when I look at this bedroom's view, I feel placid. I tried to imagine if I sleep at night with the amazing view like the picture above make me feel calm and will sleep peacefully maybe. I don't dream to have a big house. But I only just dream to have this kind of bedroom's view. Maybe this year, I can't achive my dream to have bedroom's view like this. But, maybe next 5 years I can successfully fulfill my dream. InsyaAllah

Like the others person dreams, I also dream to bring my parent to go to Holy Land, Makkah. To bring my parent to Makkah need a lot of money to spend. So, I dream after I finishes my studies in Diploma, and if I can get a good job soon, I will bring them to there. I know, my parents also dream to go to Makkah too. To make them feel more glad and appreciated, I really hope that I can afford to spend my money for them to go there soon. Even though, to bring my parents take a long time and their ages increase every year, I keep my wishes to bring my parent to Makkah until they can successfully landing there.

My last dream is, I really hoping to see galaxy (Milky Way) in front of my eyes. Like the picture above. When I see the picture in google, instagram and facebook about the Milky Way, I feel spirited. I am a person that love to look the exciting view so much. That's me. But, Milky way in my country is not the same as the picture that I have post above. Because fascinating Milky Way view's only can available to see at overseas such as California, United States (Texas), Washington and New Mexico. I got this information by refer to this website -The best places to see the Milky Way  . I know my dream to see Milky way is unforeseen, but I hoping miracle will happen. Because quote said

" Never stop believing in hope, because miracles happen everyday "

That's all my sharing about dream. I hope you will enjoy reading my article. Thank you.

Feb 6, 2018


Love is something that means very different things to different people. For some, love can be purely romantic. For others, real love is utterly unconditional and only truly exist between family members, or between people. And for some people, love is fluid, ever changing, and everywhere, and is felt for family, friends, partners, pets, and even an abojects, idols, and fictional characters. None of these people would be right or wrong, but one thing is certain; love is the most powerful force in the entire universe.

The person that I love the most in this world is my family, friends, our Holy God and of course myself. I already know the meaning of love after I started loving all of them in my life. It is very important to keep this love's feeling to them. With the presence of this feeling, I have become an appreciate and value a person.

I start to know the meaning of love after I give all my heart to God. Because as an mankind who are born in Islam, I should love god more than myself. This is because god has give me a wonderful life, a hefty family and a complete body parts. How can I not loving my Creator ? Plus, I also must appreciate the God's given to me by praying fives time a day,
recite zikr, and do goodness thing in every thing I did.

Family members is my second person that I spread my love feeling with. I also love my family members more that myself. My family also be with me when I having a hard times in life and feel empty such as sad and stress. They will always give me a supporting word to cheer me up and make me to be a strong person day by day. In this case, I love to spend more time with my family at home. And, I think , a quality time with family members is really worth it.

Love also can be dedicated to my beloved friend especially my secondary's school friends. I really miss and love my secondary's school friends so much because be with them, I can reduce my stress level. This is because, my friend and I are a gang that can suit each other very well. They can understand me and always give me support when I was down. So, when I with them, there are always have a topic to talk about even we rarely meet after SPM. With them, I always burst into laughing because their act is so funny. That's why I love my old friends so much.

Lastly, the person that I love the most is myself. I love myself more than other because loving ourself without requirement is a way to be happy. So, self-care is good for our soul. I always appreciate myself at every good things I did, even though all people not appreciate what I have did. No matter how small it is. Life truly is very hectic and we hardly get time for ourselves. But that doesn't mean I have to keep neglecting myself. So, I take time to pamper and do something special for myself. That's way I love myself.

Written by : Asyikin